Halfway There… Tick Tock

Hope you’ve been enjoying your summer break, students. You’re running out of time to relax 😉

Just another month or two, depending on your college and you’ll be back in the lecture hall in no time. Time just keeps passing into the future, like that hit song from that singer. Whatever his name is. I’m not to hip with the young people’s slang and vocabulary and music and get off of my lawn, youngsters!

Anyway, my summer has been great so far. An interesting story from my summer. I was online doing research about plagiarism-scanning software to make a new blog post. During this time, I heard what sounded like firecrackers outside. It turns out, there was a shooting!

A man had a firearm in a convenience store. It turns out, he was mentally ill. There was a standoff with police. The man was shot and killed. He died directly across the street from a hospital, which is interesting to think about.

It’s crazy how many police shootings occur every year. Just look at the info for July here:


Definitely not the happiest experience, but interesting.

Want to make the best of your summer? Here are some fun things I did this year:

  • Visit the beach
  • Made a blanket fort with my daughter
  • Went hiking
  • Tried ghost pepper flakes
  • Learned to make icy desserts

During your time off from school, try these things. Have you done anything fun this summer? Let me know!

For those of you who are in summer classes… ouch! If you want to have some fun like in the ideas above, you’ll have to get through that schoolwork quickly. Check out the rest of my blog for information about how to deal with tricky matters like:

  • Turnitin
  • Plagiarism
  • Writing essays
  • College
  • Turnitin macros
  • Alternatives to plagiarizing
  • Plus tons more content!

Here is a story from a reader. A student got access to a copy of Turnitin for one of his summer classes. He tested out some techniques to get around Turnitin, such as macros and using Cyrillic letter “E”s instead of standard, American “E”s. He found that neither of these techniques worked for him.

Has anyone else gotten access to Turnitin to test techniques like these? What has worked for you? What has been unsuccessful? If you have any great ideas to get around Turnitin, let me know in the comments below!

Thanks again for your support, readers!

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